5 apps to help build your empire



If you manage your own social media, this app will save your bacon. Hootsuite makes social media management easier to schedule, plan, and actually socialize!

It’s Awesome. Try it.



If you ever go on business trips, Expensify will take out the stress of keeping print receipts.

Each receipt is easily saved in the Expensify database and can be kept simply on your phone.

No more losing receipts or having to pay for something because you cannot find the proof.



Dropbox is my favorite! This software helps you keep everything organized in high quality. It is a cloud storage system that will keep every document you need for your business in one, easy to use place.



We use MailChimp for all of our clients. MailChimp can keep your email list organized, rated, and in contact with you.

MailChimp gives you the opportunity to create lists and campaigns. If you need to send out an announcement, event, or newsletter, MailChimp has all of the right tools.

My Fitness Pal


It’s important to continue working on yourself along with your business. Developing healthy eating habits and a fitness routine keeps your mind and body in shape. develop a daily fitness routine, however, we may not always have the access or the motivation to workout.



Know of any other helpful apps? Share with us know in the comments section below!

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