Social Media Success: 5 Tips For Your Small Business Strategy

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Social media is the tool in which we are able to reach anyone, anywhere, at any time. The exciting thing about social media, is that anyone can contribute their thought, ideas, or business. The terrible thing about social media, is that any one can contribute. So how do you, a small business owner stand out from everyone else?

This article has 5 helpful tips, from social media professionals, that can help your small business stand out on social media.

1. Listen To Your Audience

People are on social media to connect, learn, and be entertained. If your presence is simply to promote your own products or services, your audience will stop paying attention. Facebook and Instagram have algorithms that will bring the posts with the most engagement to the top of your feed, whereas the older posts with little to no engagement stop being seen. If your audience does not engage with your content, no one else will see it. Listen to your audience and see what will interest them.


2. Be social

This tip should go without saying, but social media is meant to If your customers are engaging with your page and posts, reply back to them. Ask them questions and see what they are interested in that the moment. If a new episode of Game of Thrones came out recently, maybe talk about the episode. Get people talking, engaging, and listening to your brands profile.

3. Automate and Plan Your Social Media Strategy

There are a number of tools and resources that help small business owners increase their social media presence. Buffer and Hootsuite are great platforms to use for scheduling and automated much of your social media presence. Trello is a place where you can design, brainstorm, organize, and inspire others and build a solid plan whether it be for marketing, content, or even your upcoming company trip. It is absolutely free, but has a great upgraded version as well. When it comes to finding the time to manage your businesses social media or create eye-catching graphics, you can always find a social media manager to assist you in your efforts.

4. Follow the Leader

A great strategy to learning social media for your business is by following leaders in your industry. Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook can be great places to research those in your industry who are doing well on social media. The benefit to following and copying those leaders is that you will earn what works and what may not work. This will save you time in guess work by reserving the guessing to those who have had more experience in social media.

5. Create A Content Calendar

Social media success requires more than just a random post every few days. In order to see a consisten ROI on your social media efforts, a solid plan needs to be in place. We have created a free calendar here for anyone in need of some content ideas. Mapping out your content on a monthly basis can increase your chances of reaching the right people and decrease your time spent guessing what will work.


REMEMBER: Social media is about being social! Continue to create relationships and build your connection online. Put people first, business second.

Elisha Davis